Feeding sharks to make a buck is not conservation

Shark Cowboy Randall Jordan Guilty of breaking Florida Fish Feeding Law.

Guilty on all three counts.
– No jail time. 12 months probation.
– Total $1,500 fines.
– Must pay court costs $1,800.
– Community service.
– Investigation costs to be determined later.

The investigation costs share could be high. the State Attorney said during sentencing that they wanted to hurt Jordan in the pocket book which was his motivation for doing this shark feeding activity.

Feeding sharks to make a buck is not conservation. Commodifying predators and/or entrainment of sharks is not conservation. It is animal abuse.

We ask divers to boycott boats, captains, instructors, divers and businesses that break Florida law by feeding or baiting fish for amusement and to avoid shark education awareness scams, etc. Report violations of law to the FWC by calling the Wildlife Alert hotline at 1-888-404-3922. You can also text or email Tip@MyFWC.com.


  1. Yup Rod and Anthony Fox here in Australia have fed sharks from a submerged cage full of humans for that long now, so that food association between the fish and the human is causing fatal shark attacks left and right in Australia, since Feb 9th 2014 we have had 7 fatal attacks in 366 days here.

    The Great White Recovery Plan was implemented in 1999.

    Shark cage diving and feeding (chumming in reality, with AC/DC music pumping) contributes to human shark attack fatals without doubt. All licensed in ‘marine parks’ so the govt here makes huge fining money for nothing from OUR ocean.

    Licenses and silly fish laws mean fining only and the annexed MP areas mean mining. Australia’s east coast is totally ‘marine park’ from north to south now. This directly coincides with the shark attack rate above. Look at my marine park timeline button. Then the attack rate graph.

    Then calculate the Great Whites breeding cycle and…bingo..

    Marine Parks, all about Fining and Mining and half eaten dead humans, wounded for life survivors and ptsd all round for the many families and witnesses of the ATTACKS.

    You reading Neff? Gone quiet haven’t ya?…Complicit my friend. You’ll see.

    Glen Folkard
    Shark Attack Survivor-Investigator

  2. Martin Graf

    Glen Folkard, wow, I don’t know where to begin. Shark feeding contributes to shark attacks left and right without doubt? Well, there is ZERO evidence that this is true.

    I absolutely love your website. You state that shark bite survivors know about shark attacks! That is like saying a cancer survivor knows more about cancer than the doctors who treated them, or if you get bit by a dog, which is thousands of times more likely that getting bit by a shark, you are an expert on dog behavior. Getting hit by a car does not make you an expert on traffic safety either.

    You talk about the massive numbers of Australians that have died from shark bites since 2000. You name 20 people. While certainly tragic, that amounts to 1.5 deadly shark bites per year. Can you name something people died of in Australia over the past 15 years, that killed fewer than 1.5 people?

    No differentiation between provoked and unprovoked? Yeah, I guess in your “expert” opinion there is no difference between say a spear fisherman with a bleeding fish attached to his belt and a swimmer. Well, that’s why you’re the expert.

    Your correlation with marine parks and attacks are just funny. Stands to reason that more people get bit, where more people are in the water. All about half eaten humans. Wow!

    Now please, please tell me how many people got bit right where they feed sharks! In Florida, there have been plenty of bites, despite a shark feeding ban, whereas in the Bahamas there have been almost none and there is shark feeding going on there.

    You certainly have an opinion, but no facts to back up what you are saying.

  3. Martin Graf

    My favorite from your website
    2-2-2015: Shark ‘eyeballs’ alongside paddleboard (from both sides) a stand up paddleboarder in Diamond Beach NSW. Scaring the locals pretty bad. NO INJURY

    A shark looking at someone is worth mentioning on a website dealing with shark attacks?!
    That must be why you are the “expert”

  4. Make a website to debunk it all then Martyboy…im a shark survivor-investigator not an expert, yet. You claimed the ‘expert’ title for me. Although I am becoming an expert..not yet but stick around. Maybe i’ll add Dr to my credentials..

    You ‘think’ you know but you dont. Investigate all the links on my page IF you wana see some truth. Cancer survivors would know about cancer..same with dogs and cars, coconuts and lightning strikes. Your Gen Y brain cant take it..

    Haha you just make crap up as you go..you know im right!! Your in love with a shark right? Is he your partner. Do you make love? Is it Bruce? So sweet..awww..

    “Massive numbers?’ 20 dead is not massive ‘massive’…but high compared to when I started surfing 40 years ago. 4 dead in 153 days…you cant see a pattern there? 7 dead in 366 days not enough for you??

    Population is part of it but ifu want the truth you have to look at it all and see why are so many dead from shark attack now? 

    All the facts are there with links included. Population has a little to do with it, as listed on my blog. But more sharks in the water is the problem. 

    My ‘opinion’ is YOU just dont like my ‘expert’ opinion…lol..

    Come down here for a swim in our ‘marine parks’ anytime.

    Better still fark off to Syria kook..I bet you never even been in the ocean

    Glen Folkard.

    • Martin Graf

      No, actually you made yourself out to be the expert on your website, by claiming that shark attack survivors know shark attacks.

      I don’t need to make a website, there are many scientific articles that deal with the relationship between shark feedings and shark attacks.
      I don’t respond with insults, like you do. I guess throwing insults somehow makes your argument valid?
      By how much have car accidents increased, since you grew up? Maybe the number of people in the water have something to do with the increase, maybe it’s just a fluke and you wont have any next year. That is the nature of statistics that deal with something that happens so rarely. Every incident completely changes the statistic, but over time, it shows that it rarely ever happens. First you claim that you are not an expert and now you say that I don’t like your expert opinion. What is it?
      Yep, I’ve never been in the ocean. LOL and of course, you have to close with insults. Is that all you can do?

  5. Haha you on my website now, just like the human killer you are. Complicit.


    Furiously typing are we? Wont make a slight difference.

    I’ll just turn UP the heat on you and the Fox’s now..

    RIP to all the dead globally due to ‘Marine Parks’ and shark conservation.

    • Martin Graf

      Nice! I guess you can’t handle someone with a different view from yours! You call me a killer, because I disagree with you. In that case, you should change the name of your website to “Record of opinion attacks”

    • Martin Graf

      So here you say I have probably never been in the ocean and on your website you call me a cage diving operator, responsible for killing humans. Is that the kind of logic you use for your determination of what’s responsible for a shark attack? Why do you think shark attacks don’t happen where there are shark dives?

  6. Martin Graf

    Here is a story of how some other shark attack survivors feel about sharks!
    Nice job by the way on your website to attack fellow shark attack survivor Rodney Fox. I really love the way you care!

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