Dead Great white shark ‘starring’ in TV Show in Greece

No… this is not a mako or porbeagle shark. It is definitely a juvenile great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) which is shown in this short excerpt of a TV-Show broadcasted in Greece. The video-clip was uploaded by the YouTube-poster ‘GossiptvgrVideos’ on 20. February 2015, but I am not sure when the show was actually aired on Greek television.



  1. Stefano A. Colombo

    may be this specimen captured in Greece 08-08-2014:

    but here eyes are not depigmented as in that specimen.

    • Despoina T

      This is from a new TV show from February 2015 , but the shark was not intentionally caught by the fisherman and he said that he saw this species in Greece only twice in his whole life as a fisherman. He also said he was sorry this shark was caught as he preferred to see it live in its natural habitat. It is not the fishermen’s fault, when sharks ge caught in their nets, especially in Greece when we don’t have this particular shark in our waters ,so we don’ t kill it intentionally . It is” big news ” on TV in Greece when a shark is caught in the fishing nets , so they show it as something rare & strange , not something we are happy about , because we don’t see it in Greece everyday. The Greek fishermen are very decent people.

      • They all look indeed very sad …  What does he says about the taste of its meat ?
        The shark placed on a fish (food) display …  What a great educational show !

        Landing of this protected specie is forbidden (for good reasons).

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