Adrian Granadas victim of fatal shark attack off Aruba

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A survivor of a shipwreck that occurred about thirty miles off the coast of Aruba was apparently attacked by a shark with fatal consequences. According to the article(s) which is written in Papiamento, a Venezuelan vessel with a crew of seven, carrying a cargo of whiskey from the island of Bonaire to Aruba, began to take on water as the result of rough seas and ended up sinking. After languishing at sea all day Saturday, four survivors of the shipwreck were found clinging to life hanging onto wooden pallets near an oil rig stationed off the coast of Aruba.

Rescue operators from the island of Aruba arrived on scene and immediately called for a medivac helicopter when it became apparent that one of the survivors suffered a serious shark bite. The victim was airlifted to the airport in Oranjestad, Aruba where he was transported by ambulance to hospital, but he was deceased before they reached the hospital.

*** no mention about the type of shark, size, etc., and if the bite happened near the spot where they were rescued (rig) or earlier in the day while drifting at sea***
Papiamento glossary:

tribon – shark
morde / mordi – bit, bitten, “bite”
mata – killed
kustwacht – coastguard
reacata – rescue


The victim of the fatal shark attack during a shipwreck rescue attempt of the coast of Aruba is Adrian Granados from Venezuela. He was the captain of the doomed vessel, and the attack happened during the rescue attempt:
We thank Michael Kort for the info and translation

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