Status of angelshark, Squatina squatina, in the Sea of Marmara


Status of angelshark, Squatina squatina (Elasmobranchii: Squatiniformes: Squatinidae) in the Sea of Marmara

Hakan Kabasakal, Özgür Kabasakal


On 4 January 2014, a female specimen of Squatina squatina was entangled in trammel-net, at a depth of about 50 m. The specimen was 174 cm long (total length) and weighed approximately 35 kg. The recent single capture of S. squatina in the southeastern Sea of Marmara confirms the contemporary presence of the species in this landlocked small marine region; however, the paucity of the species in the fishing records of Marmaric fishes since 2000, confirms its rarity in the studied marine area.

Annales, Series Historia Naturalis, 24, 2014, 1



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