State reaches agreement with Commonwealth on shark policy

Flag_WA2Media Release

Department of Fisheries, Western Australia

24. October  2014


  • Western  Australian Government to take action to protect human life when necessary due to an imminent shark threat

The State Government has reached an agreement with the Commonwealth Government that will ensure in the event of a shark attack or threat; immediate action can be taken by the Western Australian Government to implement the imminent threat policy.
Premier Colin Barnett said this would enable the State Government to respond quickly in the event of a shark posing a threat, or after an attack.
“It is important that that we can take action to protect human life when necessary due to an imminent threat, without delay,” he said.
“Protocols are being developed to this effect, consistent with Federal environmental law so no ongoing further approvals would be required from the Commonwealth,” Mr Barnett said.
“The Federal and State governments will work together so that the State Government can take appropriate action to protect public safety when there is an imminent threat from a shark, as was the case in the recent attack in Esperance.”
“This approach strikes the necessary balance between protecting public safety and protecting our environment,” he said.
The Premier confirmed the State Government had withdrawn its application for Commonwealth approval of the drum line shark hazard mitigation program.
In light of the recommendations from the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority, he said that the application to the Commonwealth had been withdrawn.
“We have withdrawn the application after reaching agreement with the Commonwealth which enables us to take immediate action when there is an imminent threat,” Mr Barnett said.
“This will mean we will not need to wait for approvals from Canberra in the event of an imminent threat.”

Source: Government of Western Australia



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