SkyNews: 10 ft tiger shark is first shark killed by WA’s baited drumlines

Video uploaded by CipiripiHD on 26. January 2014 :

A large shark has been shot dead off Australia’s western coast – the first under a controversial culling policy brought in to cut the number of attacks on surfers and swimmers. The three-metre (10ft) animal, believed to be a female tiger shark, one of three species on the government’s kill list, was caught on bait lines off Meelup Beach near Dunsborough, south of Perth. Government spokesman Simon Beaumont said a fisherman contracted to patrol the lines killed the shark and dumped its carcass at sea. According to The West Australian newspaper, the creature was shot in the head four times at close range.



  1. Allison Ferreira

    I am appalled and ashamed to be australian!  The Western Australia Governments actions only murder innocent wild life but also over time endanger the people the hope to protect. Removing the top predator from our oceans will destroy life as we know it over time and I am disgusted with this witch hunt!  Sharks do not hunt humans! Why ar we we hunting tgem down out of fear!  Do your research and know what you are doing!  Understand that a  shark cull wull do nothing but murder these incredible animals. if you really want to prorect the public, educate them!!!!!!   I refused to celebrate Australia day this year, it was once my favourite holding day. At this time while we are allowing shark culls and have a moron for priminister and can honestly say. I AM NOT PROUD TO BE AUSTRALIAN.

    • hello

       a few sharks harvested will not do anything to the top predator status. Educate you say, what get someone from the sanitation dept to say you have a better chance of a garbage can killing you than a shark, great knowledge to have when in the water with sharks. Sharks have been harvested for many years by the commercial fishing industry with no opposition a few for human safety is a crime now. Focus attention where it is needed.

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