Shark : Reunion Island Crisis – Dateline – SBS One – 8/04/2014

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The recent shark attacks off the coast of Western Australia have sparked huge protests over moves to cull the creatures.

But on the other side of the Indian Ocean, the outlying French island of La Réunion has had the opposite response, with strong and vocal support for a shark cull.

There have been 13 attacks there in the past three years, five of them fatal, prompting authorities to ban swimming and surfing on most of the island.

For an island so reliant on tourism, it means the efforts to reduce the number of sharks and get the beaches open again can’t come quickly enough.

David O’Shea looks at the effect the attacks have had on this island community, and he follows the complex operation to tame the might of the sharks.

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  1. This is an excellent overview of the circumstances at Reunion.  It seems Oz could benefit from taking on a scientific aspect to the cull.  At the very least, the lack of working to try and solve the problem from a scientific angle is severely lacking in the approach used in Oz.  

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