Shark bites tourist in Cocoa Beach

A shark bit a 42-year-old German tourist on the right foot this afternoon at Shepard Park in Cocoa Beach, said Jeff Scabarozi, Brevard County Ocean Rescue chief.

The shark attack occurred about 3:45 p.m. Lifeguards saw the victim struggling in the water, then pulled him to shore.

“He had some good puncture wounds and lacerations on the foot,” Scabarozi said.

Lifeguards and bystanders helped wrap the man’s injured foot and control the bleeding, and Brevard County Fire Rescue and Cocoa Beach Fire Department personnel reported to the scene.

The victim was transported to Cape Canaveral Hospital.

Scabarozi said lifeguards flew double-red flags and closed the Shepard Park beach to swimmers after the attack. He did not have information available on the shark.


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