Shark Attack Survivors 2013 shark attack summary ISAF results included

Press Release

Welcome to Shark Attack Survivors 2013 yearly shark attack summary. Our shark attack information is available up to the minute all year long, so a yearly shark attack summary is pretty much a waste for our purposes, but all those so-called shark experts and reporters find a yearly report on “confirmed to be unprovoked” to be important.

For our Shark Survivors worldwide services for the victims of shark attacks we need to know those people who were “Injured” and those either “Eaten by a shark” or “Killed by a shark”. Those not injured in a sharky incident are important for ocean goers, but we do not consider them to be an attack or incidents that need our immediate attention unless the survivors are having trouble dealing with a shark trying to injure or kill them.

Our Shark Attack Summary is simply split into three categories “Injured” “Harassed” and those either “Killed or Eaten by a shark” (Fatal).

We have included the figures of the “confirmed to be unprovoked” shark attacks which may make understanding shark attacks a bit harder to understand. They include those not injured by a shark and leave out famous shark attack survivors like Rodney Fox who was not attacked by a shark according to all your shark experts.

We know it sounds stupid that Rodney Fox was not attacked by a shark, but this is what your shark experts say, NOT US!!!

Have questions on if your shark expert or reporter includes Rodney Fox, ask them.

Being our information is in real time pulled from our online shark attack file it may take awhile to provide you with the results, please be patient.

vid_Shark victim will return


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