Police conclude search for missing swimmer – Tathra

NSW Police Force
04. April 2014

A cap and goggles, belonging to a woman who was taken by a shark on the state’s Far South Coast yesterday (Thursday 3 April 2014), have been located.

The search resumed this morning and is focussing on the southern end of Tathra Beach. Police divers have also joined the search.

The cap and goggles were found late yesterday with a quantity of organic matter.

These remains have been identified as human and they will undergo forensic testing. The results are not expected to be known for several weeks.


The search for the remains of Christine Armstrong at Tathra Beach have concluded, following an extensive two day search by land and sea. About midday NSW Police Divers made an extensive search of the area where Mrs Armstrong was last seen without success. No further evidence has been located.

Following a meeting between Police, Department of Primary Industries, Bega Valley Shire Council and Surf Life Saving NSW a decision was reached that the Tathra Beach remain closed to the public overnight.

Patrols of Tathra Beach and surrounds will commence about 8am Saturday the 5th April, with the Westpac helicopter also being utilised to patrol beaches from Moruya to Eden on both Saturday and Sunday, prior to Tathra Beach being reopened at 10am tomorrow. This decision is supported by the Armstrong Family and the Tathra Surf Life Saving community.

Department of Primary Industries has indicated that current environmental conditions are conducive to bringing large schools of baitfish near the shore, which could mean that sharks will also be attracted to the area. If people do see large sharks near shore please notify Surf Life Saving Guards immediately.

Members of the public wanting to know more about sharks are advised to read SharkSmart information, located at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/info/sharksmart. Surf Life Saving Personnel at beaches in the area tomorrow will also have a pamphlet available with this information.

Source: NSW Police Force




  1. Very sad news. She had been swimming that stretch every day for 14 years. The authorities and witnesses are talking about a Bronze whaler (C. brachyurus), however the size of the shark (3 – 4 metres) would most probably indicate a Great white shark. Apart from a small amount of human matter, nothing else has been found.

  2. I heard the shark was a gruesome twosome. They are a very rare form of great grey with two heads.they can be as long as 35 meters and weigh around 3 to 400 tons. I also used to swim this stretch under water just holding my breath for two hours at a time  twice a day for 75 years. They are not as bad as a triplet niblet shark though. As you’ve probably guessed they have three heads. A big one only weighs three ounces but they always attack from your rear, climb up your butt hole and chew right through you.it is an std which in this case means shark testicle destroyer.  Bad way to go .ive seen people during this attack use a clam shell to saw off their scrotum to relieve the pain. This leads to blood in the water which attrracts the gruesome twosomes to finish you off. The whole thing is just one bad scene I’ll tell ya. Did I ever tell you about the schools of Death Dealing Dickers ? That’s a story for another day. I gotta go. Got me some more LSD ,crack and whiskey to get back to. By

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