Occurrence of the Megatoothed sharks in Alabama, USA

paperPublished on 29. September 2014

Occurrence of the Megatoothed sharks (Lamniformes:Otodontidae) in Alabama, USA

Dana J Ehret​, Jun A. Ebersole


The Otodontidae include some of the largest sharks to ever live in the world’s oceans (i.e. Carcharocles megalodon). Here we report on Paleocene and Eocene occurrences of Otodus obliquus and Carcharocles auriculatus from Alabama, USA. Teeth of Otodus are rarely encountered in the Gulf Coastal Plain and this report is one of the first records for Alabama. Carcharocles auriculatus is more common in the Eocene deposits of Alabama, but its occurrence has been largely overlooked in the literature. We also refute the occurrence of the Oligocene Carcharocles angustidens in the state. Raised awareness and increased collecting of under-sampled geologic formations in Alabama will likely increase sample sizes of O. obliquus and C. auriculatus and also might unearth other otodontids, such as C. megalodon and C. chubutensis.

PeerJ PrePrints 2:e517v1



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