Austrian tourist fatally wounded by shark in South Africa

Media Release

National Sea Rescue Institute ( NSRI )

22. March 2014


Man fatally wounded by shark

At approximately 15h00, Saturday, 22nd March, NSRI Port St Johns volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a shark incident at 2nd Beach, Port St Johns.


NSRI Port St Johns volunteer sea rescue duty crew launched sea rescue craft and responded.  They found that the body of a 72 year old man, an Austrian tourist, fatally wounded by a shark, was handed into the care of the SA Police Services at Second Beach and has been handed into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services.

It appears that the incident occurred while the man was swimming at Second Beach.

The deceased man was part of a tour group to the area touring with his wife.

Police have opened an inquest docket and the Austrian Consulate and the Department of International Relations and Cooperation are informed.

The species of shark involved in this incident is not known at this stage.

NSRI has expressed their sincere condolences.

Source: NSRI


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  1. Beating The Odds

    You have got to be kidding. Eight fatal shark attacks in the last couple of years along a five hundred meter stretch of beach? If only the odds of winning the Powerball lottery were comparable to the attacks on this beach, everyone would take the gamble and buy lottery tickets instead of saving for retirement. This is pretty mind boggling come to think of it.

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