Kelly Slater he would be honored to be killed by a shark.

Shark Attack Survivors willing to pay fines for Kelly Slater entering the ocean in Reunion Island. For every person entering the ocean at a shark  sanctuary on Reunion Island the fine is 50.00 USD per incident . The attack ratio is 1 out of 500 and if Kelly Slater is true to his word about being honored to be killed in a shark attack we will pay all the fines until he proves his claims.

Hay we will pay until he loses a leg, arm or giant chunks of flesh. Come on Slater put your body where your mouth is or rather put your body in a shark’s mouth. We SAS will even take the bite from small sharks and leave the 3 meter sharks to you.

Hi Kelly,

This is from shark attack survivors, Do you know how much shark conservation dollars could be earned if you donated your right arm to save the sharks? A shark took my right arm and I have lobbied to save them as many other shark attack survivors.

Keep in mind donating your arm to save sharks as you claim is so fisherman can catch and harvest them for .50 cents a pound.

Are you actually stupid enough to give a arm to save a 500.00 shark?

Us survivors will pay all your fines for entering the ocean at Reunion Island. The fine for surfing at Reunion is 50.00 per ticket the attack rate on surfers is 1 out of 500.

Put your well being at risk and try to be killed and we will cover the fines until you are maimed or killed.

You can contact us at shark attack survivors to setup the arrangements for you to be honored for giving your life or limbs for 500.00 worth of shark.

Al Brenneka

Shark Attack Survivors


  1. I have read this article several times and am having a difficult time understanding some of the rhetoric. Is SAS bashing or commending Slater for his statement?  If the former, I really don’t get it. 

  2. That was just a spoof off a Perth Now article with a misprint where Slater says he would be honored to die by shark attack. Just like this fisherman led anti cull actions in Australia. Don’t kill a shark to possibly save humans we can get .50 a pound for the same shark at market. 

  3. Angel

    Dear Al,

    Just like Allen, I was confused while reading this post. Knowing you a little made me curious on your feelings when writing this post. We all have mixed feelings when it comes to shark culls or  human-shark encounters. 
    Both you and Helmut did great work on sharks and encounters. Enlighting all of us on details we could never reach. Because of you, we are able to read almost everything about everything on sharks. Naturally there will always be people with extreme views. Which I think is healthy for us as well. This way we are able to see to what extend people can go to point their claims and thoughts.

  4. Well leave Helmut out of this one… This was all me and probably politically incorrect for the shark world, but us survivors do look at attacks a bit differently. I lost my right arm to a mostly harmless Lemon shark 37 years ago and have lobbied for shark conservation. Some things in the shark world are just so unbelievable you could vomit. For one the ISAF and all those experts say Rodney Fox was not attacked by a shark, WTF you say, that’s right all those experts using ISAF stats say Rodney was not attacked. Do I respect anyone who says that, No. In most cases they don’t even know they are saying that so how much of an expert can they be??? Slater being fed bogus info then saying he would be honored to be killed by a shark? I’ve been there and done that!!! and Slater is a liar…. or the reporter….

  5. Angel

    OK, Helmut is out. I doubt if anyone can view the sharks, shark encounters and human approach to sharks as well as you do. You lived through it while we only talk about it. I have seen many people here who truly try to understand you and the logic you try to put, I am just one of them. There were many times when I told to myself ıf I am going to die today, I better die out in the ocean, taken by a shark. To make it clear, most of these were during stupidly brave dives with sharks at young ages. Most of the times that was the case, we barely made it back to the boat because of intense fear and rush of hormones. Believe me none of them were touristic dives in cages. This was just who we were. I was very lucky to get away one piece for years. Then the age and experience kicks in. Today, I would never do any of those crazy stuff but I am hooked to the love of sharks for over 30 years. Today, I understand you from a different perspective. That is what I meant by we all have mixed feelings about sharks in the other post. In one sense we know that they need to be protected, respected. In the other hand they did and will harm us for whatever reasons. We try to find a balance between feelings and logic, selfish human behavior and natural instincts. What I learned through the years is any kind of shark encounter (other then touristic) is a life changing experience. It effects people. It teaches people.
    As you very well know, when there are people involved in something, you expect anything and everything. That is just a never ending story and since sharks are exciting, people are more creative than ever. Love and hate are friends on this subject.(actually in every subject) There are always extreme cases but it is just people Al, please look around, everything about humans is crazy and does not make sense. We don’t only kill each other but combined we are killing the only home we all have and everything on it.
    You and I, sharks are only a tiny little fraction of it. It is impossible to understand the human race.
    ISAF  is another case. I remember discussions on this. The data is lessened. Why, I don’t know. Who does it for what purpose, God knows. But for sure, until we have a better, truthful and “just” data, that stands as the best available one.  Do I like it, no but unfortunately, I accept it as a fact. Is Rodney a liar ? Of course not.(actually he is one of my role models for sharks) Is ISAF a crap on this particular case, sure. Please notice the number of shark experts recently. They keep piling up like no other scientific branch. We have more shark experts than ever. Which is good or bad ? for sure everyone likes a little PR. The fastest and easiest PR as a scientist is the shark world ??  I personally think some of these researchers will do great and change the life of sharks and oceans forever. Some will just do the PR stuff, write a few books and will be on TV. By the way did you notice how many shows are out there in almost every channel about sharks ? Money is pouring into this subject. Is it any good for sharks ?? or ocean users ??. Al, it is just “another day in paradise” . It is just a game they play for centuries…
    King is naked… so what ?

  6. Yes I may have gotten carried away it happens from time to time. Angel the amount of newborn self proclaimed experts is crazy. You should taKe a trip down the experts as a shark attack survivor, you have get munched on for that to happen. The experiences I hear daily are just so upsetting and so many of them cause pain some production company for Discovery, news reporters, radio stations and the self proclaimed experts they all know more about attacks than the person attacked. How many of them have experienced or acknowledge the sense we humans rather all beings on the planet have of being hunted. Look at that large NGO Save our Seas hires a public policy graduate calls him a shark attack expert all for a 6 figure contract.

    Al Brenneka  

  7. I didn’t want persons to think my looks at shark stuff and Helmuts are the same. We joined forces in SYM. Hemuts finds are on shark info are unmatched in the world

  8. Angel

    The SYM is by far the best source about sharks and people.
    I am sure most of the real shark people, researchers, academia, sea lovers, animal protectors even fishermen are reading the site. They do not comment but read.
    I have been contacted, contacted myself with a lot of bright minds through here. I personally enjoy reading almost everything Helmut posts.
    Al, just keep up the good work… time will tell the real story. 

  9. When Helmut takes a shark break I try to find the unusual info we try to post on SYM, but nothing compared to Helmut’s info. 15 years ago we use to compete on who could come up with attack info first, he always beat me!!!

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