International Shark Attack File

International Shark Attack File

The International Shark Attack File is considered by many shark attack authorities as having the most complete listing of shark attacks worldwide.

The International Shark Attack File is owned by the American Elsmobranch Society the world’s largest organization of shark scientists. It is housed, supported and promoted by some of the largest shark organizations around the world.

Florida Museum Natural History.

University of Florida.

Florida Center for Shark Research.

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Pew Trusts

Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Discovery Channel

National Geographic Channel

There are also thousands of persons using the International Shark Attack File information to make themselves sound like some kind of shark attack expert for a news article, show or website.


The worldwide committee of shark attack experts at the AES are.

Shark Attack File Committee (appointed annually by President)

  • George Burgess, Chair and Curator
  • Bob Lea (California)
  • George Balazs (Hawaii),
  • Vic Springer (NMNH contact)
  • Geremy Cliff (South Africa)
  • Randy Honebrink (Hawaii)
  • John West (Australia)
  • Otto Gadig (Brazil)


In February 2014 we explained how all these experts kicked Rodney Fox out of all figures of ever being attaced by a shark.


In the 2013 International Shark Attack File summary reference was made to there being no shark attacks in South Africa during the year 2008.

“South Africa has had years with as many as eight attacks (2010) and four fatalities (2009) but also a year (2008) having no attacks whatsoever,”



If you notice Geremy Cliff from the KwaZulu-Natal Shark Board (South Africa) is a member of the AES Shark Attack File Committee.


Geremy Cliff shows there were 3 shark attacks and 1 fatal in the Cape area with 1 in KwaZulu-Natal.


Our info shows 6 incidents with another 4 Abalone poachers disappeared near Dyer Island a shark hot spot.


The way the ISAF is going they should be able to eliminate all shark attacks in history for all those making money by you going in the water. If you happen to be the person entering the water you need to ignore all those trying to get you in the water.


Al Brenneka

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