Florida: Delray Beach poses restrictions on landbased shark fishing

Shark Year Magazine, 05. June 2014

On Tuesday night ( 03. June ), Delray commissioners banned shore-based shark fishing within 300 feet of the public beach and within 300 feet of Atlantic Dunes Park. The related Ordinance No. 14-14 even says that all accidental shark catches must be cut loose. Although I am not sure if the text of the ordinance (which is posted below) was approved without any changes or corrections.

The City officials believe that the move to restrict which areas of the beach people can fish from is two-fold. It sets out to protect the sharks, which usually don’t swim close to shore unless lured by bait, and swimmers, who might encounter their jaws.

Although sport-fishermen don’t think the city should have a ban on shark fishing at all. The Sun Sentinel is reporting that a group of two dozen people who come to Delray to fish told city officials their hobby is not a threat to swimmers.

Boca Raton resident and fisherman Zach Miller told commissioners: “There’s never been any statistical proof anywhere to prove that shark attacks happen when shark fishing occurs.There’s no threat. There’s never been a threat. It has become a media frenzy from sharks in the headlines.”

But Delray Mayor Cary Glickstein, who is an avid surfer, said he has seen the shark fishers first-hand when he hits the surf. “There are plenty of people swimming. The commission is being responsible restricting this, ” he said.

More information on this issue is provided below
( Sources: City of Delray Beach and Marisa Gottesman, Sun Sentinel ) .

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