Fisheries Queensland investigates the removal of shark drumline hooks

News Release

Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

15. May 2014


Report interference with shark control gear

Fisheries Queensland are investigating the removal of shark control drumline hooks on the Sunshine Coast and calling for information on unlawful interference to be reported.

Queensland Shark Control Program Manager Jeff Krause said that baited hooks had been removed from 18 drumlines at Yaroomba and Currumundi over recent weeks.

“It appears that someone, or a number of people, have purposely gone out to the drumlines with the intention of removing the hooks,” Mr Krause said.

“This is very dangerous and illegal, and compromises the effectiveness of the shark control program putting lives at risk.”

Mr Krause said that anyone who sees any interference with the shark control gear should call the Fishwatch Hotline on 1800 017 116.

“Our Fishwatch Hotline operates 24 hours per day and we encourage anyone with information to call,” he said.

“Trained contractors check the drumlines regularly as part of the shark control program, and in recent weeks they have replaced hooks on 18 different drumlines.”

“The baited hooks are an important part of the program, and if there is a shark in the area, its senses are focused on the baited hook and not swimmers.

“It is an offence to interfere with the fishing equipment and carries an on the spot fine of $1100 and a maximum fine of $55,000.

“We have shark nets and drumlines positioned approximately 300–400 metres offshore at 85 popular beaches at 10 regional centres in Queensland.

“While the shark control program does not provide a permanent barrier between swimmers and sharks, it is effective in reducing the overall number of sharks in the area, making it a safer place to swim.”

 Source: Fisheries Queensland


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