Federal Government ‘equally responsible’ for WA shark kill policy

Media Release

The Australian Greens

13. February 2014


The Australian Greens said today the federal government has no idea about the impact the WA Government’s shark cull policy is having on the marine environment.

“It is obvious that the federal government is not monitoring the WA shark cull and that the WA government is not reporting the numbers or types of sharks and other marine life being caught on drum lines. ” Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson said today.

“I asked the government repeatedly about this issue today, and they refused to answer. Clearly they are not monitoring what is going on. Colin Barnett and his federal colleagues are hiding truth about the impact of this cull.

“The Minister for the Environment exempted this catch and kill policy from the EPBC Act and now is not even bothering to monitor its effects.

“Given the high number of undersized sharks being caught on drum lines, including three off Perth today, it is clear that the WA catch and kill policy is harming marine life.

“The Abbott Government is equally responsible for the WA Government’s indiscriminate shark cull, given the strong support for they showed for the policy in question time.

“They are responsible for the indiscriminate destruction of marine life in WA.

“The government is refusing to revoke the exemption granted to WA, despite yesterday’s Senate motion calling for them to do so. They are ignoring the mounting evidence against this cull,” Senator Siewert concluded.

Source: The Greens

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Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens marine spokesperson has quesitoned the federal government over their involvement in WA’s shark cull.

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