Civilscape Early Bird Shark Tournament 2014

Civilscape Early Bird Shark Competition

Date: 18. January 2014
Location: Mersey Yacht Club, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.

53 boats went out from the Mersey Yacht Club for the shark competition.

Heaviest Shark :

Species: Shortfin mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus )
Weight: 63.4 kg
Angler:  Zane Carter
Boat:  Big Kahuna
Note: the only mako weighed in during the competition.

civilscape shark tour 2014_2


Tag and Release:

1st Place: Bugger Work
2nd Place: Phantom
3rd Place: Serial Killer

Heaviest Other Species:

1st Place:
Species: Gummy shark ( Mustelus antarcticus )
Weight: 7.6 kg
Angler: Mason Paull
Boat: Terminator

2nd Place:
Species: Gummy shark ( Mustelus antarcticus )
Weight: 3.6 kg
Angler: Rhys Clark
Boat: Bluewater

3rd Place:
Species: Draughtboard shark ( Cephaloscyllium laticeps )
Weight: 3.25 kg
Angler:  Anna Fitzallen
Boat: Reefa

Source: Game Fishing Club of Northern Tasmania

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