Atlantic Shark Fishery update from Jan – June 2014

Atlantic Shark Commercial Fishery Landings Update






mt dw – lb dw Converted to Number of Sharks


January 1- June 18, 2014


We at Shark Attack Survivors and Shark Year Magazine support Proper fishery management which allows for and promotes removal of appropriate numbers of sharks while insuring species survival. We hope understanding the number of sharks harvested will help you decide which areas of shark conservation to participate in to do the most good.


Recently many protested shark tournaments where 10 to 12 Pelagic Sharks were brought back to the dock. To insure species survival the commercial fishing fleet can harvest 25,019 in 2014.


Recently many USA residents protested the WA shark cull – Most of the sharks caught were tiger sharks members of our Aggregated Large Coastal Sharks (bull, tiger, spinner, silky, nurse, and lemon). 55 sharks were killed in WA while back in the USA 20,000 LCS are being harvested. They also caught a Pelagic shark in WA. Add the LCS and Pelagic harvested in the USA 50,000 the WA cull 55.


As landing updates become available we will translate the mt dw or lb dw to the number of shark for you.

MT (Metric Tons) – 2,204.6 lbs.

LB (Pounds)

DW (Dressed Weight) The weight of the shark meat presented at market. (fins not included).

274.3 mt dw

(604,626 lb dw)


Below are the preliminary landings estimates in number of sharks for the Atlantic shark commercial fisheries. These preliminary estimates are based on dealer reports and other information received from January 1 through June 18, 2014.  The estimates include landings by state-only permitted vessels, federally permitted vessels, and the 2014 shark research fishery participants.





Management Groups(Shark Species) Region 2014 AdjustedCommercial Quota Estimated Landings in 2014 Jan – June % of 2014 Quota
Blacktip Sharks Gulf of Mexico 24,105 17,707 73% Closed June 2, 2014
Aggregated Large Coastal Sharks (bull, tiger, spinner, silky, nurse, and lemon) 9,818 9,868 101% Closed May, 20
Hammerhead Sharks(scalloped, great, and smooth) 928 512 55% Closed May, 20
Aggregated Large Coastal Sharks (blacktip, bull, tiger, spinner, silky, nurse, and lemon) Atlantic 10,957 1,082 10% Opened June 1, 2014
Hammerhead Sharks(scalloped, great, and smooth) 995 23 2% Opened June 1, 2014
Non-Blacknose Small Coastal Sharks(Atlantic sharpnose, bonnethead, and finetooth) Gulf of Mexico 25,079 6,333 25%
Atlantic 97,055 27,585 28%
Blacknose Sharks Gulf of Mexico 815 339 42%
Atlantic 7,727 4,801 62%
Blue Sharks No regional quotas 13,678 388 3%
Porbeagle Sharks 21 2 <1% Closed in 2013
Pelagic Sharks Other Than Porbeagle or Blue(oceanic whitetip, common thresher, and shortfin mako) 25.019 4,856 19%


The mt dw and lb dw figures are taken from the monthly Atlantic Shark Commercial Fishery Landings Update

The average dressed weight for each management group was provided by NOAA Fisheries – Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Management Division Guý DuBeck – 04/17/2014.

Shark Attack Survivors did the mt dw and lb dw conversions to number of sharks.

Locations and Species marked closed means that area for them species is virtually a shark sanctuary for the remainder of the year.

These are Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico figures the Pacific fishery figures are not included.

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