A bodyboarder bitten by a shark in South Australia

SA bodyboarder bitten by shark

A bodyboarder bitten by a shark in South Australia says his wife probably won’t let him get back in the water in a hurry.

Scott Berry escaped with a small bite to his side after being attacked by what he thinks was a bronze whaler about 80 metres off Parsons Beach, near Victor Harbor, on Monday morning.

The 39-year-old, who received seven stitches, was helped to shore by others who scared the shark away.

He told ABC radio on Tuesday that it happened very fast and he first thought it was a dolphin or a seal.

After biting Mr Berry, the shark circled him.

“I was yelling at it, letting it know I wasn’t particularly pleased with this situation,” he said.

“It wasn’t going to swallow me whole, that’s for sure, but I knew he could do some damage and he could hurt.”

Mr Berry said he was keen to get back in the water, but his wife probably wouldn’t let him return to that particular beach just yet.

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