7News: White shark caught and killed by Queensland Fisheries

Video uploaded by 7News on 06. March 2014 :

Queensland Fisheries has caught and killed a female great white shark ( about 3.50 m in size ) just metres from surfers on the Gold Coast. Please see our related article to learn more about Queensland’s Shark Control Program : 17. Feb 2014, The Shark Control Program in Queensland, Australia.


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  1. Andree Popham

    This is ridiculous!! The water is their home and now they are being killed for simply doing what they need to do to survive. It sickens me that they killed a great white shark, but to kill a female is above and beyond disgusting. If someone does not want to risk the chance of a shark encounter then they should stay out of the ocean. Sharks are a crucial part of the ocean’s ecosystem and instead of humans thinking that everything is supposed to be dominated by our kind people should appreciate the balance of nature. Any person who enjoys entering the ocean on a regular basis understands that once you enter the water you are at the mercy of the sea. This cull is bringing shame to the country and after all is said and done will have little impact on the rate of shark attacks.

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