18ft Great White Shark caught by UK angler off Cape Agulhas in South Africa

Video uploaded by BirminghamMailNews on 10. April 2014 :

Birmingham man Andy Hales caught a Great White shark weighing almost two tonnes while on a fishing holiday in South Africa. He was fishing with Birmingham tackle shop owner Richard Foster, when they decided to take a break from fishing for yellowfin tuna to target some of the number of shark species which had also been attracted to the area. The boat was sailing off the southern most point of Cape Agulhas in South Africa when the Great White was hooked. The shark was safely released. See the related Birmingham Mail article ‘It was like Jaws’ – 18ft shark caught by Birmingham man .


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  1. Looks like a bit of an over-estimate on the length.  How did they get 18 ft?  Looks to me like it was closer to 12 to maybe 15 ft.  Regardless, beautiful fish and well done on releasing it in good order.

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