Whale shark released by fishermen

The video was uploaded by the YouTube-poster Ryan Hahm on 21. August 2013.

The footage shows the release of a whale shark (Rhincodon typus) by a commercial fishing vessel

( presumably by the OCEAN ACE, a Korean tuna purse seiner ).

About two years ago, we posted a similar video in our Video-Section ( see here ).


  1. Hi

    I’m a filmmaker who is producing an educational documentary for a Mozambican audience on whale sharks and manta rays. http://saveourseas.com/projects/educationalvideo_mz . I am looking for photographs or video footage such as this one here to illustrate the threat to these animals by industrial and artisanal fisheries.

    If anyone could let me know who has the copyright for this footage of the You Tube videos above or has photos or video that could be used in this film I would be glad if they could contact me at info@mozimages.com

    Many thanks


  2. Was this video taken in 2013? Does anyone know the month, day, year, or location?

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