Western Australia: Diver Reports Shark Incident

Western-Australia-Flag_2acMedia Release

Department of Fisheries, Western Australia

26. October 2013


Diver reports bite to fins near Little Island off Hillarys

A scuba diver has reported being bitten on the fins by a large shark, while diving near Little Island off Hillarys, but he has not been injured.
The diver reported seeing a large dark shape when returning to the boat and noticed parts of his new one of the best scuba fin missing, once he was back in the boat. 

He called Water Police to report the incident just before 11am today.

Department of Fisheries Shark Response Unit Manager Lisa Clack said that the department’s Senior Shark Scientist had assessed the fins and was unable to confirm it was a shark bite.

“There are some marks which could have been caused by a shark bite, but other marks we would expect to see from a shark bite are absent,” Ms Clack said.

“We are unable to confirm. While this could have been a shark, other large marine animals, particularly seals and sea-lions, are known to occasionally bite divers’ fins.”

“Fisheries officers have attended boat ramps in the area to advise water users an incident was reported and that they should apply additional caution to their activities.”

“The Surf Life Saving WA (SLSWA) Helicopter also flew over the area, but did not see a shark.” 

The SLSWA Twitter feed at twitter.com/SLSWA is the best way to keep up to date with both detections of tagged sharks by the Shark Monitoring Network and any sightings reported by members of the community to Water Police.

Advice is that water users should:

  • Take additional caution between Floreat and Ocean Reef.
  • Keep informed of the latest detection and sighting information by checking the Surf Life Saving Twitter – twitter.com/SLSWA or via www.mybeach.com.au.
  • Report any community shark sightings to Water Police on 9442 8600.
  • Adhere to any beach closures advised by your Local Government Rangers or Surf Life Saving WA.

Source: Department of Fisheries WA


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