Video of great white shark in Russia

The video was uploaded by the YouTube-poster sergporful on 05. November 2013.

It has to be a footage of the 5 m great white shark ( Carcharodon carcharias ) that was caught off Sakhalin (Russian Far East) in the year 2007. Additional photos of this specimen can be seen here.


  1. Tidus

    This makes me sick.  That poor shark.  

  2. Rick Stenson

    Communist A*holes. Let me come over there and poke them in the F*ing eye to see if there still alive. No need. 

  3. Angel

    Nothing surprises me anymore…
    We can not even manage to kill in dignity because we do not have any left…

  4. orlando

    this show how the men can be so cruel with the other one
    animals kill only to eat or defend his own territory. men is the only animal that kill or make suffer for pleasure…

  5. Nick

    Sharks kill for food man kills for fun, what’s new!

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