Shark kills Fisherman off southern Jamaica

Shark kills Westmoreland fisherman at Sea


By Horace Fisher, Gleaner Writer,
Published: Tuesday March 12, 2013

A huge Tiger Shark today attacked and killed a 68 year old Westmoreland fisherman in Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine.

It’s reported that George Facey was fishing in an area called Red Light Pillikin, some 18 miles from the Old Harbour Bay coastline when the incident happened.

The recovered body had some limbs missing and bore several huge bite marks.

Anthony Daley who was also on the fishing expedition, said the shark which killed Facey was one of the biggest he had ever seen in his ten years of fishing.

“Me fish everywhere in Jamaica and even as far away as Honduras, and this is the biggest shark me ever see. The shark is definitely a killer, because George (Facey) never have any fish for it (the shark) to kill him for. It is just a devil shark,” he said.

Facey was one of five fishermen who went to sea this morning.

Daley says they noticed something was wrong with Facey when he did not signal for the boat after the captain started picking them up from the water.

“Him just in the water so, and when we start pull him in we realize that his hand and foot was gone and then we see the shark, circling around,” added Daley, with a very distraught look on his face, as he recalled the tragic shark attack.

A large crowd of onlookers gathered on the Old Harbour Bay Fishing beach.
Facey is the second fisherman from Old Harbour Bay to lose his life while fishing in the area, within the last two weeks.

On February 22, Delroy Bean reportedly drowned and his body was found days later without limbs.

Source: Jamaica Gleaner



  1. Angel

    Condolences to the family and friends of George Facey. God Bless Him…

    Most of the times when I read, he said, she said, I immediately think that some part of the story is missing. Actually no one seems to know what happened. When they got to him he was dead and there was a big shark circling him. His hand and foot missing. Not so much deadly wounds, at least not to stop him from calling for help to the boat or friends. I think from the age that he was an experienced diver, he knew how to handle a shark during spear fishing. It is hard for an experienced spear fisherman not to know to avoid a tiger shark which is curious and comes near the divers often during this practice. We have few videos on this web site, where the experienced fisherman avoids tigers without any damage to both parties. The detail here is, they have to see the shark coming towards them somehow to avoid an interaction. With a spear gun in your hand, it is easy to keep the tiger shark at a distance just by pushing the shark away.  Maybe he did not see the shark coming. This may be one explanation.  
    Another one maybe that he was already passed out when the shark bite his hand or feet. He did not call for help or use the spear gun to save himself. His age and a common shallow water pass out may be possible explanations. Anyone here with spear fishing experience will think about it as well. In either case, God Bless Him, 

  2. Angel

    I found a picture of him in a creepy web site about killed people.
    If it is actually really him in the picture, it looks like a fatal incident from one fatal bite.
    He seems to lost his hand in a defensive action which resulted in loosing his hand as well as upper part of his leg in one bite. He was too late to see the attack to use the spear gun to put a distance in between the shark and himself, he only could use the hand in between.
    It is very unfortunate for him. God bless him.

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