The economic value of shark tourism in Santa Cruz Island Galapagos

paperPublished in 2013

Perceptions of the economic value of sharks for single-day dive tourism and commerce in Santa Cruz Island

PeƱaherrera C, Y Llerena and I Keith


…The Galapagos Marine Reserve (GMR) is considered by many as one of the best places for underwater tourism in the world (Sammon, 1992; Scuba Diving, 2000). Thirty species of sharks live in the GMR, with hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini), Galapagos sharks (Carcharhinus galapagensis), white-tipped sharks (Triaenodon obesus), and whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) the most common (Hearn et al., 2008). The tourism potential of the islands and the sharks is exploited by various tourism companies whose activities are regulated by the Galapagos National Park Service (GNPS). The ability to observe sharks throughout the archipelago is one of the reasons the islands are such an important tourist destination and has been reported as significantly increasing the levels of entertainment and enjoyment of tourists ….

Galapagos Report 2011-2012. Puerto Ayora, Galapagos, Ecuador.




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