Teenager Recovering From Shark Bites on Hand, Leg

By Associated Press,
SURFSIDE BEACH, Texas June 18, 2013

A teenager is recovering after being bitten by as shark as he was standing in waist-deep water at a Texas beach.

Surfside Beach Assistant Police Chief Gregg Bisso says the 15-year-old boy was with a group Monday afternoon when a shark bit him on the left leg. When the teenager hit the shark with his left hand, the shark bit him there as well.

Bisso says the teenager sustained cuts to his leg and hand, and was taken by helicopter to a Houston hospital. Bisso says the boy’s injuries were not life threatening.

Officials don’t know what kind of shark bit the teen. His name hasn’t been released.

Surfside Beach is located about 60 miles south of Houston.

Source: abc News.

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