Species composition of sharks in Southeast Asian region

Species composition of sharks in Southeast Asian region:

Reanalysis of the study on sharks in 2003 and 2004 by SEAFDEC and ASEAN-SEAFDEC member countries

Masaya Katoh and Ahmad Ali


One hundred seventy-four species of sharks have been recognized in Southeast Asian region (Ahmad & Lim 2012). Moreover, about 126 thousand tons of sharks, rays and chimaeras were captured in 2009 in Southeast Asia. High demands for shark fin in Asia raise a concern about shark populations. However, most sharks were obtained by by-catch and all parts of sharks have been fully utilized in the region. Because sustainable utilization of sharks and rays has been required in the region, it is important to know the characteristics of shark species composition in the countries of the region.

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    We have done a similar project ( with Dr. De Maddalena )  for Mediterranean Sea !

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