South Africa: Breede River Shark Fishing Ban

South African Shark Conservancy

28. January 2013

The South African Shark Conservancy are pleased to announce that – after 3 years of hard work & lobbying – the Minister of Fisheries from the SA Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF) has signed off on the ban to prevent the catching or disturbance of Zambezi (bull) & all other sharks in the Breede River estuary! We extend a very special thanks to the public who supported our lobbying efforts & to Dr. Stephen Lamberth (DAFF) for his internal lobbying to ensure the protection of these animals. Illegal targeting of sharks (elasmobranchs) in the river will result in a fine of up to R500 000 or two years imprisonment.

Thanks again to everyone involved for your incredible support along this journey!

Source: SASC



  1. It was a very long road, but we finally managed it! Couldn’t have done it without the support of some truly fantastic scientists & people concerned about the health of the Breede River bull sharks!


    Good news !
    Could not believe the size of the Bull sharks being tagged !!

  3. Well done . I am so glad that you have got a step further in Protecting the River and its Species
    Henri Barry

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