Snug Harbor Shark Tournament 2013

 2013 Snug Harbor Marina Shark Tournament

Date: 06.- 07. July 2013

Location: Snug Harbor Marina, Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA.

Tournament Results :

Grand Prize and Mako 1st :

Species: Shortfin mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus )
Weight: 260 lbs
Angler: Andrew Miller
Boat: Dusky

Snug Harbor Mako shark 260lb 201














Mako 2nd :

Species: Shortfin mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus )
Weight: 203 lbs
Angler: Rich Betts
Boat: Reel Chaos

Other noteworthy Mako (Weigh-in) :

Species: Shortfin mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus )
Weight: 154 lbs
Angler: Ron Thebodo
Boat: Lady K.

Thresher 1st :

Species: Thresher shark ( Alopias vulpinus )
Weight: 216 lbs
Angler: Tom Lai
Boat: Bilda

Harbor Thesher shark 216lb 2013













Thresher 2nd  :

Blue shark 1st and 2nd :

Team Tagging:
5 tags –
Boat: Knot Reel Teeth

Individual Tagging
2 tags –
Angler: Deangelo
Boat: KEP II

HIdden Weight
209lb – 203 Reel Chaos

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Source and Photo Credit: Snug Harbor Marina.




  1. Laurie

    Ugh, these men with their smiles . . . So smug and macho. They’re not heroes or brave for killing these beautiful, endangered animals. Just pathetic.

    • m

      So … laurie what do you do for these beautiful animals ? As a shark fisherman I know I and many others tag as many of these beautiful and dangerous animal as we can to help science. We want these sharks to be around forever so our children can enjoy them too. Also I know atleast my self makes a yearly donation to the apex preadator program. So before you call us pathetic think about what you do for this speices ? Most likely nothing but complain on online forums.

  2. M, I do as much as I can, not being a shark fisherman. I donate money to Sharksavers, SharkAngels, SRI and the many other organizations that are trying to save these animals. I write letters to Congress people trying to get finning bans in place. I sign petitions for the same as well as getting gill nets down. I’m writing a fiction book set around sharks in S. Africa and featuring a shark researcher as its hero with a sub storyline decrying the cruetly of finning and the importance of sharks. I plan to promote the hell out of this book if my agent can sell it to a publisher. I’m all for fisherman tagging, it’s the killing for sport and bragging rights that kills me. So don’t take that attitude with me and accuse someone you don’t know of sitting on the sidelines. I do what I can since I’m not a diver, fisherman or what have you.

  3. m

    Then why take jabs at the people that support the preservation of sharks … ie fisherman ? Where not the ones killing millions of sharks a day for fins . Also for the last 2 years I’ve caught atleast 60 shark and only keep one . Ate it too so no waste there. yet you think we just kill all the sharks we catch for fun. Misunderstood we are , we care for these animals more than what we are accredited for.

    • laurie

      Despite some of the samples that may be helpful to science, these tournaments are about money. Plain and simple. I think shark fishermen justify what they’re doing by claiming it’s about science for them when it’s nothing of the kind. Why fish for shark? They are the most toxic fish in the sea. The consumption of shark meat and shark products has been linked to ALS and Alzheimer’s. If you read Shark Year with any regularity, you’d see stories about this. And for all those men standing next to a strung up shark with their big smiles, I highly doubt for all of them it’s about preservation of sharks. It’s about money, machismo, and souvenirs. For whatever tagging fisherman do, I’m highly grateful but taking endangered fish, to me, is a travesty.

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