Viking Village presents this brief video showing the removal of the shark’s fin at dockside. The sale of sharks is legal with the fins attached to the carcass. The myth of our U.S. fishermen going out to sea, removing the fins of sharks is NOT true! See for yourself.


  1. Thank for presenting the facts and truth. Otherwise, the hardworking US fishermen along with the law biding American Chinese will continue being defamed by the group of dirty politicians and special interested for their gains. The Media obviously has been taking side on this issue. It seems Media only love to show the bloody scene regardless it is not true in US as long it can stimulate the viewers. It’s sad.

  2. Lana

    I wish someone in a state which has a fin ban in place would produce a video showing how sharks must be harvested in that state now. Fins removed from a live shark at sea as the shark is jumping around then focus on the sharks eyes watching as its fins are tossed overboard then it is dragged into a cooler to die a cold death without any fins. People don’t realize state bans force sharks to finned at sea.

  3. Laurie

    Whether the sharks were finned illegally at sea or legally at the dock or fish factory, the end result is the same. Most likely this NJ fishing company landed the sharks (whole) for the sole purpose of selling its fins. That’s what the problem is. The lucrative trade in shark fins is driving this slow growing, slow to reproduce fish to extincition. I’d be surprised if the fishing co. has buyers for the shark meat other than disreputable supermarkets and fishmongers who buy it and label it as something else. Hello, sushi restaurants! So they can say what they’re doing is legal and lovely all they like, damn that conscience! What law-abiding Chinese and Chinese-Americans as well as other Asian communities need to realize, is that the culture and tradition in shark fin won’t bring good fortune and good health. Shark products are loaded with mercury. Antiquated cultures and traditions MUST change or every one of us on this planet will suffer when all our sharks are gone.

  4. Tad C

    Chinese believe that a ground up Tiger penis will help them reproduce a strong male child.  Also believe that Shark Fin soup served at a wedding is a sign of wealth and lucky.  What they believe is ridiculous and can easily be replaced with science.  They should not be allowed to use race or culture in the fight to save sharks as an excuse to fin.  I’m white and white people use to have slaves, so I should be allowed to enslave people.  Argument just doesn’t work.  Sharks need protection due to slow reproductive cycles and their importance in the food chain.  

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