Shark bites Hawaii surfer on the day of tropical storm Flossie arriving

Jul 29, 2013

There is always a good chance one will see Hawaiian Monk Seals on White Plains Beach on Oahu. Today a surfer got a little more to see and to feel – a shark. A surfer is in the hospital Monday afternoon being treated for a shark bite after a shark bit his right leg.

Oahu is getting ready for tropical storm Flossie, and Monday was an ideal day to catch a wave.

The victim is said to be in his late teens or early 20s and is reported to be in serious condition at an area Oahu hospital.

Ocean safety officials are advising visitors to stay out of the water anywhere within a one mile area of the sighting.

White Plains Beach on Oahu, Hawaii, is a good place for those locals and tourists that want to get away from other tourists.

This beach is down the road less traveled and not easy to find, and is located about 40 minutes from Honolulu, out past Ewa on the west side on a former Naval Air Station called Barber’s Point, but it is a reasonable amount away from the actual Barber’s Point.

At one point in the past this was a beach only used by military families, but now it’s open to all and has become quite popular with the surfers in the area as they have pretty decent breaks.

This beach is always quiet and never overcrowded.

Source: eturbonews


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