Shark Bite Researchers Work With Local Shark Tournament

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The Blacktip Challenge

January 21, 2013

Researchers Work With The Blacktip Challenge To Improve The Medical Treatment of Shark Attack Victims

The Blacktip Challenge is an exciting combination of competitive sport fishing, adventure, entertainment, scientific research and education. As the anglers battle Florida’s winter weather, researchers from Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and St. Mary’s Medical Center (SMMC) will accompany them in a joint-research effort to collect important biological samples.

Since it’s conception in 2008, the Blacktip Challenge has been attracting international media attention and angler interest from around the world; including a segment with How to do florida, which was aired on ABC and Sun Sports. The tournament’s innovative format draws on the growing popularity of a uniquely challenging angling style called ‘land-based shark fishing’, which is defined as attempting to capture sharks using traditional big-game fishing equipment from the confines of the beach.

In 2012, researchers from NSU and SMMC contacted Joshua Jorgensen (Tournament Founder & Director) with the intent of conducting important shark research during the Blacktip Challenge. Sponsored by SMMC, the purpose of this research is to improve the medical treatment of a shark attack victim. Throughout the last decade Florida has consistently ranked amongst the highest worldwide in number of shark attacks, accounting for about 25% of the approximate 100 accidents per year worldwide. As a result, shark attacks are of prime interest for researchers and the public for a variety of reasons. This research will be filmed and documented by BlacktipH Fishing, one of the largest online fishing shows in the world.

So the stage is set for anglers and researchers to work together in all out push to capture, tag, study, and release as many sharks as possible in 72 hours.

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