Recreational Fishing Alliance Opposes Endangered Species Listing of Great white shark

Below is the Recreational Fishing Alliance response to the proposed listing of

the Northeast Pacific population of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) as

an endangered or threatened species under the California Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The man shown in this photo seems to be Randy Fry who was killed by a great white

shark while diving for abalone ( off the Mendocino coast in August 2004 ).

Randy Fry Memorial Page and SAS News Archive



  1. Angel

    Thus you may find in the mental and spiritual self, you can make yourself just as happy or just as miserable as you like.
    How miserable do you want to be?

    God Bless Randy Fry, rest in peaece.
    For those who loves him dearly, maybe it is time to let him go…

  2. So your reason for opposing that Great White Sharks are put on the endangered species list is the fact that Randy was killed by a Great White?

    By your reasoning you would have to declare an open season on cars and drivers, toaster ovens, pets and just about anything ever known to cause death.

    I’m sure as a free-diver, spear fisherman and ocean enthusiast, Randy himself might not agree with your stance.

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