Rare Bramble Shark caught by Pakistani fisherman

Video uploaded by E PakNews on 08. October 2013 :

Rare Bramble Shark caught by Pakistan fisherman in Karachi Sea (8 oct 2013)

KARACHI, Oct 7: A 1.6-metre-long bramble shark (Echinorhinus brucus), a rare species, was caught in the Indus Swatch (offshore water off the Indus River) by fishermen and was brought to the Karachi fish harbour on Monday.

“It was sold out to fish meal manufacturers soon after its arrival at the harbour since the species has little commercial value,” said Mohammad Moazzam Khan, technical adviser (marine fisheries) of the World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan, adding that his staff identified the species by its purplish colour and denticles.

Mr Khan, who collected the first specimen of bramble shark in Pakistan, said that the species was usually found in the offshore waters up to a depth of 900 metres.


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