Potential New Irish Record Spiny Dogfish

Record breaking spurdog for Dublin angler off Antrim coast

By Myles Kelly, Fishing in Ireland,
06. June 2013

Dublin angler Tom Walsh had a Bank Holiday Monday to remember this week when fishing with Hamish Currie out of Red Bay. The lucky angler hooked into a huge spurdog which turned out to be a potential record breaker. The fish was weighed at 24lb 6oz  – beating the current record by 10 oz. The current record of 10.6kg (23lb 12oz) was set in 2011 by Albert Kouwenhoven, a Dutch angler fishing out of Red Bay with Hamish Currie. In fact the last 5 times the record was broken was by anglers fishing with Hamish!

Source and Photo Credit: Inland Fisheries Ireland.

irish record spiny dogfish spurdog squalus acanthias june2013



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