New Records of the Eastern Pacific black ghostshark with annotations of a juvenile female

paper8Published online on 21. January 2013

New eastern Pacific Ocean records of Hydrolagus melanophasma, with annotations of a juvenile female

Aguirre-Villaseñor, H., Salas-Singh, C., Madrid-Vera, J., Martínez-Ortiz, J., Didier, D. A. and Ebert, D. A.


Two new records of Hydrolagus melanophasma, one juvenile female from off the central Mexican coast and one adult male from off the coast of Ecuador, confirm the presence of this species throughout its known range in the eastern Pacific Ocean, from southern California, U.S.A., to Valdivia, Chile. This report gives a description and comparison of proportional measurements, head shape and colouration for juvenile and adult H. melanophasma. A taxonomic key to distinguish the eastern Pacific Ocean species of Hydrolagus is included.

Journal of Fish Biology. Early View Version. doi: 10.1111/jfb.12012




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