Movie (1951) : Shark Island – Part 1

Video uploaded by mlozborne on 02. October 2013:

Dramatized but essentially factual description of the seasonal shark fishing industry (the object is vitamin-rich oil from the Shark’s liver) off Achill Island, Co. Mayo on the Atlantic coast of Ireland .

This 1951 movie by Hugh Falkus is about basking shark fishing on Achill Island off the coast of Ireland. Tragically a freak wave coming across the Daisy Rocks swamped and sunk the boat in which the crew was filming. Hugh swam for help a mile and a half from the Daisy Rocks to the beach at Keem Bay. By the time help arrived those with life jackets had died of exposure and those holding onto oars and other floating debris had let go and sunk, never to be found (…)

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