Massive White Shark appears off Florida coast

Video uploaded by WTLNews on 09. January 2013



  1. Angel

    That is it…This is the most logical solution…
    Tag all the Great Whites, possible and track them.
    If they are too close to be dangerous, keep people away from the sea…
    Don’t kill the shark as Australians do !!!
    That is the difference between the modern and efficient use of science and logic between the USA and Australia.

    • Mark

      Love your comments Angel. Google “great white shark under a surfer daily mail”. It just came up a few hours ago. Maybe you have seen it already. It’s a great picture and a nice accompanying writeup as well. These surfers know what’s under them from time to time and they don’t ask for or want a mass slaughter of sharks. 

  2. Angel

    Thnak you Mark,
    I read the article, great picture.
    We know that GWS is not a mindless killer. No doubt about that. If they were mindless killers it would be almost impossible to swim in Oceans.
    People just do not know out of how many encounter actually do turn into an interaction.
    Hundreds of them swim under the swimmers, surfers everyday without anyone realizing.

    • Mark

      There were a couple of GWS attacks in California in late October of 2012, one fatal. The articles I read on them indicated what your saying. All the time these guys and girls go out to surf these waters they are accompanied under the water and the surfers know it!!  My heart went out to Fransisco’s family on 10-23. The articles I read show that surfers know GWS are swimming beneath them. Your so right! If the GWS was a crazy human killer we would have attacks everyday or more. 

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