Large Shark landed on beach in Brazil

Video uploaded by Anderson Eliziário on 27. July 2013. ( Footage taken by Angra Nayara Lima ).

A large shark ( which seems to be a tiger shark ) caught and dragged on a beach in João Pessoa, the capital of the state of Paraíba in Brazil. The video was firstly posted on Facebook last Friday (July 26) and the link has been shared over 6.000 times now. Many local people are shocked by this footage and expressed their fears in connection with the fatal shark attack that took place off Boa Viagem only a few days before.


  1. Paul Grimm

    You guys in Brazil sure have alot of sharks…..nothing like here on freaking , Waikiki Beach…where all we have is 2 lazy boring reef sharks that dont do didly!!! Now on the other side of Oahu, the North Shore..we “DO” HAVE SOME TIGERS….and on Maui..but not here in the Waikiki Beach south shore of Oahu….nada…zilch!! In fact..there has “NEVER EVER been a shark attack on Waikiki Beach!! Too much high shelf+shallow water for big atigers to come in…so it seems anyway…plus there arent many fish here to catch their attention. You MUST HAVE MEGA BIG SCHOOLS OF FISH IN RECIFE, BRAZIL…TO ATTRACT SO MANY SHARKS…oh…and bull shark nurseries near your shores and that damm industrial port they built near your beaches in the mid-late 90’s REALLY INTENSIFIED THEY BULLS SHARKS NURSERIES…BROUGHT THEM RIGHT TO YOUR RECIFE BEACHES INSTEAD OF WHETE THEY BUILT THE NEW PORT! A BIG GOOF ON THEIR PART! And that nearby slaughterhouse with the cows blood running straight into your ocean near your recife beaches.  The shark attacks SURE DID PICK UP AT THAT TIME.

  2. Angel

    As you see it just does not matter for any shark, where ever they may be, they are finned alive.
    I doubt if there is a shark fin market for Brazil domestically. But still the first thing is cutting the fins of when the shark is still alive. At the worse is it seems very normal, it is business as usual. I personally think it is a shame.
    Paul, you made great points. Because of the North Atlantic Current, they have large schools of fish. It is combined with the continental shelf very close to the shores in specific places makes it a shark infested water in specific locations. The beaches have mostly murky waters and it becomes a very dangerous spot in some dedicated beaches.
    People need some type of a protection, they have to stay inside of the reef and listen to the officials to avoid further damage.Open ocean beside the reef is the most dangerous and it is no child game to swim there. 
    I hope the public and the sharks find ways to exist side by side without damaging or harming each other. 

  3. Rick stenson

    Personally I couldn’t watch once those derelicts starting finning that shark. Those f*ckers should be dragged into the street and shot. There was speculation that that was the shark that killed the young girl. No way of knowing. It’s too bad she was killed and not one of those sumbitches. There won’t ever be a way to police finning, and that’s tragic. The ocean needs these apex predators. I wish nothing but the worst parts of the Bible on all finners!

  4. Gator Country

    @Paul…..I found this clip on youtube a while back. I stayed at the same hotel (Outrigger) on Waikiki where this was filmed – this could be a tiger shark:

  5. Paul

    I hope someone puts glass in there porridge, disgusting treatment to a shark or any living thing, I spit on you guys

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