Korean Air strives to protect endangered species

Press Release

Korean Air Cargo

20. June 2013


The airline suspends the carriage of shark fins on its cargo flights

Korean Air has announced its recent policy to suspend the carriage of shark fins on its cargo flights in a bid to protect sharks, one of the globally endangered marine species.

Recently there has been a series of global movementscalling to ban the carriage of shark fins including the recent conference of CITES held in Thailand which brought five shark species under CITES controls by declaring them as threatened species for protection, as well as the New York State Assembly’s agreement to ban the trade of shark fins. In view of these movements and in order to support the global call of protecting endangered shark species, Korean Air has recently reviewed its policy to stop the carriage of shark fins.

Korean Air will officially submit its regulation of banning the carriage of shark and related products to LAR(Live Animal Regulations) through IATA (International Air Transport Association) and will continue to participate in various movements to protect global ecosystem.

Source: Korean Air


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