Kayak fisherman dies after shark attack off South Maui

A kayak fisherman died Monday after being bitten by a shark beyond Makena on South Maui, Hawaii.

Dec 02, 2013

The identity of the male victim was not released as of Monday afternoon, according to Hawaii News Now and other reports.

Officials closed area beaches until at least noon Tuesday.

Maui County issued a statement explaining that the the man “was fishing somewhere between Maui and Molokini when he was bitten by a shark.

“A friend who was kayaking with the victim took him to a nearby snorkeling charter boat, which then transported him to shore. The victim died prior to reaching shore.”

A witness said the man was bitten in the lower leg area. The incident occurred three days after a woman received non-fatal injuries from a shark bite about three miles away, near Keawekapu Beach.

There have been at least six other confirmed shark attacks in Maui waters this year, according to the Maui News.

That includes the Aug. 14 attack on 20-year-old Jana Lutteropp. She died a week later as a result of her injuries.

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