Juvenile Great White Shark Caught and Released in South Africa

Video uploaded by APDharley1 on 14. March 2013 :

Some guys caught a juvenile Great White Shark (170cm) near Cape Agulhas, South Africa. Very shallow water there and lots of swimming and playing kids. They thought it was a Mako, but no! They released it. Well done!!!!



  1. Angel

    I can not understand people that practice shark fishing in public beaches where there are lots of swimming and playing kids.
    And how many picture you need with a shark before releasing it back is enough is another question. I can not say well done, everything here is wrong…

  2. Hannah

    What about the case with Leon Bekker last month. After taking the photo there is 1 minute and 45 seconds of posing for photos and dragging the shark in the sand, before it is brought closer to the ocean and release. Can this not be used as evidence for another case?

  3. dina Fragkedaki

    this is outrageous!!!! Making photos out of the poor creature, it almost died because you wanted to play the model!!! shame on you!!!

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