July 22nd 2013 A girl, 18 years old, dies in Shark Attack. Recife – Brazil

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This hasn’t even hit the news yet, as we learn more we will update…

UPDATE 23 July 2013:

The young victim ( Bruna Silva Gobbi, 18) died late on Monday at the hospital, due to blood loss and cardiac arrest.
The incident occurred at around 1 pm. She was attacked by a shark while swimming about 20 metres off the beach of Boa Viagem, one of the most visited Recife beaches. The victim suffered major injuries to the left lower leg. She was rushed to the Hospital da Ressurreição where she succumbed to her injuries just before midnight.

Recife -  Brazil July 22nd 2013  A girl, 18 years old, lost part of her leg.

Recife – Brazil July 22nd 2013 A girl, 18 years old, lost part of her leg.

More info at http://sharkattacksurvivors.com/shark_attack/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=1743 


  1. Kiribati

    Tragic, but lifeguards warned the family about venturing out for a swim due to the strong currents that day and the high risk for shark attacks. The lifeguard on his wave runner actually came to her rescue because she was drowning, only to be taken by a shark right before he was able to snatch her on to his watercraft. This reminds me of that young Chinese girl who survived the Asiana plane crash landing in San Francisco, and then to die after a firetruck ran her over responding to the scene. Terrible luck and sad.

  2. James

    A tragic incident and follows the recently reported shark-related death just down the coast in Santo Agostinho. From the video footage it would appear that the other swimmers were lucky to have come away unscathed as the shark is clearly visible at the scene after the unfortunate girl is pulled onto the watercraft.

  3. Angel

    Condolences to the family and friends.
    God Bless Silva
    This is a tragedy that announced its arrival. 
    Everything seems to went wrong.
    She is not a good swimmer, the outward current took her to deeper waters along with family.
    The warnings, none of them listed to and she was already tired and heart beat was at maximum because of extensive swimming. Then came the shark to take a test bite.
    The jet ski was there in less than 10 seconds which was great and her best chance to make out alive but it took almost 10 minutes for the emergency personal to put her on a vehicle to the hospital. All this time nobody seems to stop the bleeding. No  tourniquet was applied from the first moment.
    At a place where danger is around the corner, all emergency protocols has to be in place and fine tuned. This includes to which hospital shark bite victims will be taken.
    I personally think she could have been saved.

    • Andy

      Are you sure they didnt have a torniquet? most people know that needs to be applied to prevent the blood loss. The video in the internet shows minimal bleeding. I bet they had some pressure belt on which is not visible. The video  shows the crazy strength and effect of a shark and its bite. Very sorry for the girl and her  family. 

  4. eniwitok

    Andy – the reason you see minimal bleeding is due to massive blood loss she sustained right after the attack – just look at the red hue in the water! She went into cardiac arrest on three occasions and it finally became her undoing.

    Now, take a look at this traumatic leg amputation from white shark attack in Fish Hoek. This swimmer made it thanks to bystanders who immediately applied a makeshift tourniquet. Just like this attack in Brazil, this swimmer went against the advice of lifeguards and decided to go for his afternoon swim anyway:


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