House narrowly kills bill to ban shark-fin imports to Canada

March 27th, 2013

OTTAWA – NDP MP Fin Donnelly said he is disappointed his private member’s bill to ban the importation of shark fins to Canada was killed at second reading Wednesday.

“I hope the government will take immediate action to restrict the importation of shark fins to Canada,” said Donnelly.

Sources have told QMI Agency several Conservative MPs privately supported the bill’s push for shark conservation but suggest the prime minister’s office has been pushing MPs to nix the legislation.

The final vote count was 143 to 138.

The government has “condemned” the “inhumane” practice of shark finning but federally Canada doesn’t have a ban in place.

Shark-fin soup is considered a delicacy by some, especially in Chinese culture, but Donnelly says there has been a voluntary shift away from the dish.

The practice of shark finning involves slicing off the fin while sharks are still alive and dumping them into the ocean.

Eighteen Canadian municipalities have banned the sale of shark-fin products, including several in British Columbia.

Source: Sun News Network.


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