Great White Shark Pup off the Aegean Coast in Turkey

Video uploaded by Uzay Sezen in July 2012.

You can learn more on this fascinating story from Nature Documentaries:



  1. Stefano A. Colombo

    WOW, GWS captured and released in Med sea!
    Great Turkish fishermen!
    And this video is a great document too:
    only 85cm long free swimming GWS
    and the best underwater footage in Mediterranean sea known to date.

  2. Angel

    Great Footage.
    I want to thank all the fisherman involved in this great act. A few good men.
    Only 2 years ago they caught 3 GWS pups at he same area. They were dead when they were found in the nets. Almost the same days. It means there are some adult GWS that come to the bay to deliver the pups. This is great news.
    There have been multiple GWS reports in Turkish waters for over 50 years. Even far in the Marmara Sea which connects the Egean and the Black Sea through two staits Dardanelles and Bosphorus, there were (maybe still are) GWS caught in the nets or traps. Big ones as well. There are some old pictures with GWS up to 5.5-6 meters that were caught just in 10 meters of water and a very short distance from the shore. 
    As everything is diminished the GWS was not around the Marmara Sea anymore. The Egean and the Med Sea are the places they still live. 

  3. Avangerx

    There use to be Tuna fish coming to Black Sea through Aegean Sea and GWS were following the Tuna. Istanbul fisherman used to call GWS Monster Fish.  There are couple of hunted GW pictures dated back to 50’s or early 60’s. When Tuna fish extinct, GWS stopped coming to Marmara.
    GWS sightings at the Coast of Atinoluk is a news for everyone. Also The Galipolli Peninsula is another site where has been some sightings reported. There should be some scientific investigation with the help of international GWS experts as the GWS are totally new and unknown for these waters not to mention the reputation of these sharks are rather scary for people in general so there has to be some education efforts made as GWS are in danger and misunderstood. I’m really happy to hear that there are GWS visiting these areas. Nature is amazing. 

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