Great White Shark filmed off Morocco

Video uploaded by bladinet on 09. September 2013.

An adult great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) filmed in the Mediterranean waters off nothern Morocco ( Nador Region ).


  1. Guido Leurs

    I really doubt that this is a great white shark. Instead, as I can tell from the posterior of the dorsal fin and the shape of the snout, this is a basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus).

    • Italo E. Foddis

      Definitely this is a Carcharodon carcharias not a Cetorhinus maximus. If you watch carefully the video, around 0:12 – 0:16, you can see the white belly of the animal, also the sharp-pointed dorsal fin and the stocky body are typical of white shark. Moreover, this animal hasn’t the long gill slits distinctive of the basking shark. For a comparison you can watch this italian video of a basking shark wrongly identified for a white shark:

  2. Paul

    This is with out a doubt a gws , nothing like a basking shark, and large too great to see

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