Earlybird Shark Fishing Competition in Tasmania

2013 Coastal Marine Early Bird Shark Competition

Location: Mersey Yacht Club, East Devonport, Tasmania, Australia.
Date: 05. January 2013

About 220 anglers on 64 vessels participated in this tournament.

A maximum of 2 sharks per boat were allowed.

The minimum weight for sharks at the weigh-in station was 60 kg ( gilled and gutted ).

– Heaviest Shark Prize: $ 1000,- Cash

– Tag and Release Prize: $ 1000,-

You can see last year’s tournament results here.

Tournament Results 2013 :

Heaviest Sharks

1st Place :

Species: Mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus )

Weight: 99,8 kg ( 220,02 lbs ), gutted

Angler: James Lee

Boat: Soak n Fused

( Photo below )


2nd Place :

Species: Mako shark ( Isurus oxyrinchus )

Weight: 92 kg ( 202,83 lbs ), gutted

Angler: Brad O’Halloran

Boat: JEHU

( Photo below )


Tag and Release

1st Place: Hammerhead II

2nd Place: Black Pearl

3rd Place: Ruffnut


Other Prize Categories:
Junior-Heaviest Catch ( No sharks caught ),
Heaviest other species,
Lucky boat and more.

Source and Photo Credit: Game Fishing Club of Northern Tasmania


  1. Mark

    How about double the cash prize for the catch and release and get rid of the dead shark hanging in front of the boastful uneducated anglers???  The best fishermen and women I know all practice catch and release. 

  2. Wow, it is not easy to catch that kind of fish, huh! That must be very an interesting event.

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