Dominican Fishermen Catch 14 foot Tiger Shark

Helmut Nickel, Shark Year Magazine,
25. January 2013

Date: reported on 22. January 2013

Location: near Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Species: Tiger shark ( Galeocerdo cuvier ).

Size: said to be 14 feet in length and 1.500 lbs in weight ( other source: 13 feet ).

A record from the Caribbean Sea.

The catch of this large tiger shark (male) occurred in the waters near kilometer 13 of the coastal Las Americas Highway, located in the south of the Dominican Republic.

The source is reporting that a group of five fishermen fought the shark for over 8 hours. They used chicken as bait, which the predator took in the early morning hours ( about 7 am ).

One source says that the fishermen are specialised in diving, so I am not sure about the fishing method they used.

Embedded below are two videos showing the landing and gutting of the catch.

In late April 2012, we reported on the capture of another large tiger shark in Dominican waters. It was an estimated 800 pounds specimen that had been caught off the island’s northern coast ( see here ).

Source and Photo:

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  1. wallace

    Awesome footage man! Wow!

  2. Edwin Rivera

    Man that is one big shark. Tiger sharks are know known to attack and kill people. I just wonder how many people off the coast of Dominican Republic has the sharks killed people there.

  3. Gary Curtis

    Tiger Sharks are indeed an incredible species to dive with,They are inquisitive,as we are in their Ocean,But the risk from Sharks still remains small,There are 3 recorded fatal incidents involving Sharks in the Dominican Republic in the last 50 years,as well as a small amount of injuries.Shark Species have suffered population declines,they are slow to reproduce,Mature adults are needed to support rebuilding populations.

  4. Wellington

    How can I get in contact with those guys, no te preocupa soy dominicano. Lo necesito por favor . 

    Can you help me out, I’m bi-language, I’m Dominican and Turks island mix, I need these guys to help me out

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